Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School...

Today the boys went back to school. We did the clothes, lunch and snack shopping. They gave their teachers a little treat. Off they went. They both did well, but Will did cry. One of them was bound to. Besides not having all my paper work in, which is typical of me, things went very smoothly.

I came home and cleaned house and then went to the grocery store. All these things done in about half the time it took me with the little guys around. I ate some lunch, and did some writing. Time to pick them up, time goes by so fast when they are in school, it always has. I had much more on my list than got done. Now I’m off to tutor, while the boys hang out with their GG. Yes, I would say that today went pretty well. Much better than the first day of school last year, now that’s a different story.

I was so excited. It was Luke’s first day of school ever. I was still going to have Will at home, but one less kid, things were going to be great. I could spend some one on one time with Will and get some things done around the house. Boy was I wrong. It was all smooth sailing until I walked in the door back home. I came back from dropping Luke off and the smell when I opened the door just about knocked me down like a freight train. I had to cover my mouth to just get in the door. I’m thinking, something is dying or is dead in the house. Our dogs run up to greet me/knock me down as they always do. Yep. I take a glance around, and I see trails of blood, vomit, and animal parts. Yes animal parts! What the hell happened here? I had no choice but to put Will to bed, so much for our bonding day. I walked in every room that was opened and I find the same thing. It looked like there was a mini massacre in here. What is this animal, and how did it end up all over my carpet? The culprit, Franklin, our floppy yellow lab. Who oddly enough acts exactly like the dog from the book Marley and Me. I totally could have written that book about our beloved Franklin.
I finally figure out that my dog had somehow eaten a rabbit and regurgitated it back up all over my house. The carpet, couches, and our bed were the victims of this tragic mess. As I went around the house with my trusty dish gloves and a scarf tied around my face, I discovered bones, teeth, fur, and what had to be insides of this poor little bunny. I pick up all that I can, and get our friend, Mr. Carpet Cleaner. After cleaning the carpet for three hours I was shocked to see that almost all of decaying animal mess has managed to come out. By far this was the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen and had to clean up, and I have had to clean up a lot of things in my short time as a mother. But, this by far wins the prize, and I don’t foresee anything ever topping it. The sheets and comforter were washed and back on the bed. Will has eaten and is playing in his jumper, and the dogs, are OUTSIDE. And of course it’s time to go pick up Luke. I cannot believe this happened. As for the dogs they will be lucky to come inside again, ever.

They did get to come back inside, but any time we are gone they are out the door. I can never walk into the house to a mess like that again.


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