Friday, September 11, 2009

Turn Up the Music...

Two things that my boys really love are music and dancing. I’m sure this is a characteristic of almost all kids, but mine take it to a whole other level.
It all started when Luke was little and we just would play music loudly, and he would dance around like a manic. Then once we had Will, it was Showtime. At least and when I say least, it’s more like three times a week, we turn the radio up and the TV off. The kids dance and sing away to our 80’s favorites. Luke knows more about the 80’s than I may, though this music. He can move with the best of them to Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield, and Madonna. He may have given Michael Jackson a run for his money. But, by far our little guy Will’s favorite dancing song is The Look by, The Roxette’s. We think the infatuation may have begun when he heard the song one day on the radio. He was hardly talking at the time. He hears the part where they sing Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na…she’s got the look. You see, he calls one of his grandmothers NaNa. He still to this day thinks that the Roxette’s are singing the song just for her, and he calls it the “NaNa Song”. Video cannot do justice to the way he feels when this song comes on. When we finally turn off the music for the night they are drenched, thirsty and most importantly exhausted. My little guys will dance and sing in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime. They just eat up the attention.

The boys upped the ante one day, when they started to dance naked after bath time, this video would be inappropriate to show, but we did record it to show their future girlfriends. Or more appropriately threaten them with it. Is that mean?
But seriously, the boys would rather turn the music on and the TV off, any day. They get a little bit of exercise, get much needed energy out, and in my opinion get to listen to great music. They have also developed an appreciation for the decade I grew up in. I encourage everyone to give crazy dance night a try. You will be surprised how much your kiddos will enjoy it, and they just might empress you. If nothing else, you will get to spend some quality time with your family and you never know, you may get some exercise too! And I promise, you will, laugh, laugh until your sides hurt.

I am in process of looking for the video to attach to this post. Stayed tuned.


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