Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursday's #4

I have been keeping track of things that my kids say for a long time in a notebook, a piece of paper, iPhone notes, whatever I could grab the quickest. Here are some things that I my kids said this week. My intention is to write these quotes each Thursday, so come back to see what my little men have come up with next week.

Luke’s Quotes for the week: (He just turned 4)

“Mom can we have a stop at Sonic?”
“No Luke not today.”
“You are making me so sad in my heart!”

Luke and Will found a caterpillar, then during “rest” time Luke says, “Mommy, Daddy I cannot find my caterpillar, he is gone, I took him out to take a rest with me and he would not stay.”
(We found him on the pillow.)
Later that day I was in charge of babysitting said caterpillar, while Luke and Daddy went to the store; he came home and said, “Did my caterpillar turn into a raccoon yet?”
“No, Luke, not a raccoon yet, but you may be waiting a long time for him to turn into a raccoon.”

“My apple fell in the toilet!”
(I had no answer, I just laughed)

We were watching some college football, and there was a "bad call" made, and Luke yells at the TV, “He was down ref, he was down, weren’t you watching!!!” (He was totally yelling at the TV, like the ref could hear him.)

Will’s Quotes for the week: (He is 2)

“Hello Decepticons, (as he is talking on an old cell phone), I need you to come here and take my mom’s computer away.”
(Do you think its code, for mommy spends too much time writing on the computer?)

Will was looking at pictures of baseball players, and was asked, who that is, from his NaNa. He says, “Hunter Pence.” (Who is actually a baseball player here in Houston, we were surprised at his accurate answer.)

“Daddy, I am going to Oklahoma to get Megatron, I’m afraid he has got Optimus, so I have to go help him.”

“Mom, I want to get Maddie naked, but her clothes will not come off.”
(just so you know Maddie, is a little doll that we have that my boys call their baby sister, because they want one, but don’t have one, and the clothes were sewn to her body.)

We were leaving Best Buy, Will says, “Goodbye, Home Depot Office, see you next time.”

“Mom, they are going to knock that church right down.”
(At the boys school they are building a new church, and Will thinks after they finish, they are going to knock the old one down.)

We were watching baseball, and there was a home run hit, we are cheering, and Will lifts his arms above his head and says, “Touchdown!”

What Funny things have your kids said lately?

I am trying something new this week. I would love for you to start writing "Things Kids Say" on your blog, on Thursday's with me. I am going to see how it goes, and hopefully I can start a trend. Below is Mr. Linky, ladies and gentlemen get out your pens and keep track of all those quotes.


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