Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday #24

I have been keeping track of things that my kids say for a long time in a notebook, a piece of paper, iPhone notes, whatever I could grab the quickest. Here are some things that I my kids said this week. My intention is to write these quotes each Thursday, so come back to see what my little men have come up with next week.

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Luke’s Quotes: (He is now 5 as of August 18th)

Luke- “Will Daddy get to Oklahoma before it closes?”


Luke- “I am pretty sure they are not having school today.”

Mom- “Yes they are honey.”

Luke- “Well can you call them and just double check?”


Mom- “Luke, why are you in your underwear?”

Luke- “Because I want to sleep like Daddy.”

Mom- “But it is only 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s not even close to bedtime yet.”

Luke- “Yeah, but with the time change in Washington it might be daddy’s bedtime there, and I just want to make sure we are the same, same.” (Dad was away on business)


Luke- “Mommy while I’m at school I will keep your love with me all day, just like the little raccoon in the book the Kissing Hand. Then just in case that is not enough I will still swallow your kiss just to be on the safe side.”

Mom- “Me too!”


Luke- “After I have my first communion I can drink wine every day, if I want.”

Mom- “Only if you are taking communion.”

Luke- “There are so many rules.”


We drew hearts on our hands for the first day of school, like in the book the Kissing Hand.

Will’s Quotes for the week: (He is three)

Friend of ours- “What’s up Will?”

Will- (Looks up) “The sky, a few clouds, and an airplane. Can’t you see them? They are right there. (as he points).


Mom- “How many times do I have to tell you guys to be quiet?”

Will- “I don’t know about Bubba, but if you tell me one more time I think I can.”


Will- “Mom, I got out of bed because there is something knocking outside my window. I think it is the Kimono Dragon. He got out of his cage at the zoo and he is out there, I just know it.

Mom- “No honey the Kimono Dragon cannot do that.”

Will- “Are you sure, you have been wrong before you know?”


Will- “Mom, where does you tee-tee come out at?”

Mom- “Mommy sits on the potty and it comes out, kinda like yours does.”

Will- “But where, you don’t have a pee-pee for it to come out of like me. How does it get out of there?”

Mom- “There is a hole.”

Will- “can I see it?”

Mom- “No that is a private part.”

Will- “Ohh, that means only doctors, moms and dads and married people can see it.”


Will- “If we don’t get blessed when you take communion we will get sticker burs on us this week, probably.”


Will- “Can Ms. Jan spend the night at our house?”

(This was his teacher last year, and we saw her at Mass on Sunday.)

What funny things have your kids said lately?

I would love for you to start writing "Things Kids Say" on your blog, on Thursday's with me. I am going to see how it goes, and hopefully I can start a trend. Below is Mr. Linky, ladies and gentlemen get out your pens and keep track of all those quotes.


  1. You have the most adorable boys!
    I LOVE reading things like this. So cute. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I will definitely be keeping track of the things they say once I do!

    Some of these really cracked me up! ("You have been wrong before you know!" Hahaha!)

  2. This post was so cute, they really do say some funny things! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I'm gonna follow you as well!

  3. I love when he said that you have been wrong before. oh so true of us moms. LOL Too cute.
    Cute picture of you all with the heart on your hands.

  4. Wouldn't life be grand if Oklahoma closed up? As a native Arkansan, I reserve the right to rip on Oklahoma.
    Cute blog, thanks for stopping by mine - don't be a stranger!

  5. Oh my gosh, Luke TOTALLY sounds ready for Kinder!

    You have two very smart boys and I was just more stunned by their intelligence with each quote. So much so that now I don't have an intelligent thing to utter. *sigh*

  6. Those are too cute! Love the communion one!

  7. Oh my word, that is too Cute! And what a good Mama you are to write them down. :> I'll have to be better about writing what's out of my own kidlets' mouths too. Hope you are having a great day...I know mine one smile richer. Glad I hopped by from SITS! :>

  8. Oh, how silly, I love it all! I love it when my two year old says, "You Grrr me!" (meaning - you scared me!). Thanks for the follow - will follow you!


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