Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday's #28

I have been keeping track of things that my kids say for a long time in a notebook, a piece of paper, iPhone notes, whatever I could grab the quickest. Here are some things that I my kids said this week. My intention is to write these quotes each Thursday, so come back to see what my little men have come up with next week.

Luke’s Quotes: (He is now 5 as of August)

L- Mom I had the best dream last night, but I forgot what it was.

M- Then how do you know it was a good dream?

L- Cause I woke up smiling.


L- When I am really old and you are in heaven I will cook some food in

my restaurant and hold it up to the sky for the angels to come get it

and take it to you in heaven.


M- Do you want beans with your dinner?

L- No. Not today, I don't want to poot later.


Will’s Quotes for the week: (He is three)

W- I want some more Oreo sticks.

M- We don't have any.


M- If you are a good boy I can get some when I go to the store next week.


M- What do you want me to do? Pull one out of my ear?

W- Cry......yeah!


Dad- Will get your hands out of your pants and go wash them. We don't do

that when we are cooking.


W- I'm going to go push out my poop now, anyone want to come watch?


W- Does an ant have a dupa (bottom)?

M- Yes.

W- Does he poop with his dupa, potty with his pee, pee?

M- Yes.

(Do you notice with your kids that they tell you when they have to

"poop" so you automatically know "potty" mean they just need to pee?)


W- I had a dream about a bear, they tried to come and take me away

back to their bear home.

M- What did you do?

W- I cried for you but you did not come, so I pulled off his arms and

after that he did not bother me anymore.

M- Wow, what happens next?

W- He went to heaven. If that happens for real I would call Grandpa

Charlie and he would shoot those big bad bears with his shot gun.

M- Good plan.


W- mom your favorite movie is on.....the weather.


W- Is ecosystem a bad word?

M- No, did you learn that work on Dinosaur Train?

W- No, at a Frat party!

What funny things have your kids said lately?

I would love for you to start writing "Things Kids Say" on your blog, on Thursday's with me. I am going to see how it goes, and hopefully I can start a trend. Below is Mr. Linky, ladies and gentlemen get out your pens and keep track of all those quotes.

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