Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glowing in the dark!

We were just getting settled into our seats at the Rodeo, which is a task all in itself. If any of you have ever experienced the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, you know exactly what I mean. We leave our house out in the suburbs around 4:30pm and make it to Section 119, row EE, seats 12-18 at about 7:30pm. If you are wondering what could possibly take so long, it would include Houston traffic, cowboys who think they own the streets around Reliant Center, ticket lines, carnival, food stands, and the animals that our boys decide that they must touch as many as they possibly can. My parents have a farm full of cows, horses, and donkeys but when they get to the Rodeo they act as if this is the first cow they have ever seen. Then there was the big green John Deer tractor that my son, Will insisted on claiming as his own no matter how many little kids were waiting to get their turn. As we pried his hands off the steering wheel, to say he made a scene would be an understatement. We walked what must have been a mile to our seats; take the immediate potty trip because that is what always happens right when you sit down. It is ever so important to check out all the bathrooms, in all the places we go, always! They must think one day they are going to walk into a magical land and the passage way is though the bathroom door, this could be the only explanation for the curiosity of the definite and absolute visit to the restroom in all the public places we venture to.

We are now settled at last, we pull out all the snacks that we snuck in because I am not about to pay $8 dollars for a small bag of popcorn. They devour all the goodies, and soon start to get restless. They seem to have forgotten that there is a full fledged Rodeo going on about 100 feet from their little eyes. My mom made a trip to the dollar store and had a bag full of glowing toys for them to play with. Within seconds after the glowing goodies were into their hands I see a glowing line liquid coming out of Luke’s mouth. Let’s stay calm. Don’t swallow, don’t move. He opens his mouth and all I can see is bright yellow neon liquid engulfing his mouth. We rinse and repeat. Not the best place to do this. As he spits the glowing substance out into my hand I have no choice but to throw it on the ground. Now we have a glowing pool at our feet, which happens to stay there the entire night, so I could only imagine what was going on inside Luke’s stomach. I decide that I should call poison control. Where to go to call them, I am in the middle of a Rodeo? I wait in line and go in the family bathroom, make the call, and learn that it is no big deal, they are non-toxic, which is clearly printed in the package. I discover this when I get back to my seat. I do wonder though how can glowing liquid be non-toxic? I still am having trouble with that. We take all the glowing necklaces away. At this point I am ready to go, and we had been there for a whole ten minutes. We do actually enjoy the rest of the Rodeo, which was fun, the boys even got to watch one of their friends participate in Mutton Bustin’, which is a fairly new event at the rodeo. Little kids ages 5 and 6 get all geared up, and hang onto a sheep with their dear life and they let the sheep go. It is quite entertaining. Luke wants to give it a try next year, there will be a great story to follow; I’m sure. We get home and are putting the kids to bed at an early 10:45pm, with school to wake up for in the morning. I think we will be late.

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