Friday, March 19, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday 16 (On Friday)

I have been keeping track of things that my kids say for a long time in a notebook, a piece of paper, iPhone notes, whatever I could grab the quickest. Here are some things that I my kids said this week. My intention is to write these quotes each Thursday, so come back to see what my little men have come up with next week.

Luke’s Quotes for the week: (He is four)

Luke- “Could you play that bottle of jack song?”
(He was referring to that new Tick Tok song.)

Luke- “Mom, the girl I marry, I want her to have red hair.”
Mom- What if she does not have red hair?”
Luke- “Then I will have her turn it red, forever. I can’t help it that is just what I want.”

Luke- “Daddy what is that song playing?”
Daddy- “It is an oldies song. It was made before I was born.”
Luke- “Ohh, like Jesus!”

Mom- “Are you trying to blow a bubble with that gum?”
Luke- “Yeah, but I can’t do it. Do I have to go to bubblegum blowing school to learn?

Luke- Are we almost home yet? Because my Dupa is hurting.
(We all laugh.)
Luke- “Well it is. Is yall’s hurting too?
(Dupa is Polish for bottom)

Will’s Quotes for the week: (He is two)

Will- “What is that on the potato mommy?”
Mom- “Those called the eyes on the potatoes.”
Will- “I didn’t know that potatoes could see.”
Luke- “Neither did I. You learn something new every day.”

Will- “When I get bigger and bigger I want to be a cowboy and live in the country with Grandpa Charlie. We will ride tractors together all day long.”
Mom- “That sounds like a lot of fun.”
Will- “Yeah, but we will have to work too.”

What funny things have your kids said lately?

I would love for you to start writing "Things Kids Say" on your blog, on Thursday's with me. I am going to see how it goes, and hopefully I can start a trend. Below is Mr. Linky, ladies and gentlemen get out your pens and keep track of all those quotes.


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