Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long Time, No Write...

It has been months since I have written. Not just a blog entry, but anything at all. Not that I don’t have any ideas or that I have run out of material to write about, material is one thing that I have in abundance. It might have a little to do with that when I sat down to write today I had to restart my computer three times or that I just can’t seem to find a place to write in my house that I can call my own. All I can say to myself for that one is; good luck! In our house the bathroom is not even a place to be alone. If you have small children you know what I am talking about. My kids sometimes remind me of little lambs, they seriously follow me everywhere, and when I say everywhere; I mean everywhere. Locking the door used to be my saving grace, but ever since Will decided to start locking himself in the bathroom, they I figured out how to unlock doors, key or no key. They discovered that a screwdriver looked very similar to the tip of the key for the bathroom; I am not safe anywhere. It also might be that I cannot seem to have a few days in my life where I am not going a thousand miles an hour, and this is supposed to be my slow time of year. The two main charity events that I took part in this year are complete, school is winding down, but I still seem to fill my days with everything expect one thing, writing. This has been an ongoing struggle for me this year and I would really love to find a way to resolve this road block. Any suggestions?

I decided to write today by sharing a story that happened just recently. Since we live in Texas our weather is already in the mid 80’s, for my readers up north who still have snow on the ground, don’t hate me now, soon, as in next month, our temperatures will be soaring to the mid 90’s and feeling like 100. At that time you will be opening up all your windows, while sipping on lemonade out on the back patio for the summer, and I will be here where we break a sweat while taking out the morning garbage. Anyways, we had our first relativity warm Saturday. The boys wanted to get out their summer entertainment a little early, the trusty water slide, which after the first year we named “Old Blue”. This guy has gotten us through the past three summers, on those days when we could literally fry an egg outside, yes we actually did this last summer because the boys did not believe me, and on those days; we set up Old Blue. After May this is just about every day. This year I set it up to discover a huge tear and hole in the bottom, so it really won’t hold water at all. Does that stop them, of course not. They have fun for hours. I’m thinking, “No, Old Blue I thought we would get a few more summers out of you before you retire.” At this time I figure I could go to a pool supply store and get some of that material that they use for the above ground pools. I was not quite sure how I was going to repair it, but I would think of something. I mean this slide was not cheap so this hole alone was not grounds for tossing it out. I spoke to fast! When I went to clean and dry it off for the next use I go to flip it over just as I always do to dry off the bottom. As I pull on the side, rip!!! All the way down and all the air comes gushing out and Old Blue falls! The look on Will’s face was utter disaster followed quickly by a scream. He manages to get out, “Mommy you can fix it, right?!?” It turns out I can’t; the entire thing has dry rotted, and he is currently sitting on the side walk waiting for the garbage man to take him to his final resting place. I tried calling Little Tikes, but I did not get very far. Warranty was expired. The boys immediately start looking for another slide to replace it. They must still think that the money tree is still alive in our backyard, when the fact is it died the day we conceived Luke.

They then proceed to come up with this great idea! Will’s birthday is coming up, and that maybe the grandparents can get them a new waterslide. So, grandparents if you are reading this you now know what your lovely grandchildren are going to ask for their birthdays.

We did get a lot of use out of Old Blue, our trusty water slide. Last year in fact we never took it down, which caused our grass to die, where we now have a beautiful herb garden and bird bath. To me that was a win, win situation. Kids get a summer of endless fun, and I get a garden. As for this summer for what we will do to fill the time during the hot steamy Texas days, only time will tell.

 Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race
             Looks fun, right!

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