Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things Kids Say Thursday #37

I have been keeping track of things that my kids say for a long time in a notebook, a piece of paper, iPhone notes, whatever I could grab the quickest.  Here are some things that I my kids said this week.  My intention is to write these quotes each Thursday, so come back to see what my little men have come up with next week.
Update before the quotes: 
I know it has been forever since I have written, a few months in fact.  I think about writing all the time and I have so many ideas in my head and so many things that I want to write about.  The hardest part for me is that our computer runs so terribly slow that I sit down to write by the time I get the computer working and ready my kids have lost interest in what I had them doing, so I just give up.  I know its time for a new computer, but we cannot are not one of those families that can just go out and get one.  First of all we do not have free credit to do so, and secondly chances are if we would splurge on a new computer that is when our air would go out, our dishwasher would break, the stove would catch on fire, our granite counter tops that are supposed to be practically non-destructible has cracked, or we find out our bed has a defect and the warranty does not cover that.  Wait a minute, all of that has already happened, seriously!  I think what could possibly happen next? Then I think about our washer and dryer that our almost 10 years old and of fridge that literally has masking tape holding it together and I push the thoughts of a new computer in the back of my mind, for now at least.  Another thought that pops into my head at this point is they sure don’t make things the way they used too. Should we really need to buy new appliances or major household items every 7 to 10 years? Who has enough money for that anyways?  Do these appliances know that I am not the federal government and my credit cards will not raise my credit limit just because I need a new refrigerator.

A few things that have been keeping me busy this summer are I just got to experience my first trip out of the country, to Italy, thanks to my husband and his job.  He presented a paper in Rome, and I got to tag along.  We had the best time and learned so much.  I also have some great stories to share.  Which hopefully I can in the near future, but that depends on how my computer is acting that day.  

***Excuse me while I take a brief break, Will has clogged the toilet.****

*** He in fact did clog the toilet, which caused it to overflow all over my bathroom, and was cleaned up by using every towel in our entire house.****
I also am going back to work!!! It has been five years since I have taught and seeing as both our boys are going to be in school all day next year it seemed like the perfect time.  I know it sounds ironic that I got a job the year after so many teachers were laid off, all I can say is I guess it was meant to be.  The most awesome thing about this new job is that it is at the Catholic school that we have been wanting to put our boys in.  This new adventure is going to make things so much better for our family, I’m quite certain.  I just hope I can keep up with my volunteer work and find a healthy balance between work and home.  It will be an adjustment for us all, but this is what I have been praying for and when God answers your prayers you always accept.
Okay, now for the quotes!

Luke’s Quotes (He is 5)

M- Time for a bath boys.
L- Already we just had one yesterday.

L- I kissed a girl 81 times.
M- Who?
L- You silly!

L- Mom my recipe could really use some cilantro.

Waiter- Wow this pizza you made looks so professional, you are going to be a chef when you are older.
L- How did you know that?

L- Will you can only see a girl naked after you marry her.
W- That's silly!
L- It's true. You can see her naked a few weeks after you get married.  Right mom?
M- no you can see her naked that night
L- What?!? Then I'm gonna watch her change into her PJ's on our wedding night.

Will’s Quotes (He just turned 4)

W- Mommy I don't want to be in real life.
M- What do you mean?
W- I just want to be in pretend life.
M- Like in the movies?
W- Yes, that is exactly what I mean. This life can be boring. We can't fly, or disappear, or jump super high in the sky. I want to live where those people are.
M- Where do you think they live?
W- Maybe.... Australia


M- What happened to my coffee.
W- Franks (our dog) drank the coffee.
M- Really he jumped on the counter and drank my coffee, it was not you? (yes my kids like coffee, weird I know.)
W- Yes, mom, look at his face, whip cream.
(In fact there was whip cream on his face, Franklin was the culprit.)

W- Is the four inside of me? ‘Puz I can’t see it and I don’t feel any different either.


W- When are my costumers going to come to my birthday party?

W- I can smell humans in here.

W- Is the ocean Gods swimming pool?

W- That movie is not appropriate.

M- You can go pick any drink you want from the garage fridge.
W- Even a beer?

W- I don't ever want to be a grown up. I want to stay a kid forever.

W- I want to go to Africa, China and then Australia. Let's go get my passport.

W- Mom will you go on my honeymoon with me?
M- No, honey you won't want me to come with you.
W- Sure I will mom!

W- When I grow up I want to be a paleontologist, then a police officer, and finally a baseball player.
Good deal mom?

What funny things have your kids said lately?
Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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